"Our mission is to cure or eradicate all preventable diseases, starting with malaria and COVID-19."

~Michael Parish, Co-Founder


Be a champion and a smile of hope for children by battling the world's

most feared illnesses.




Nearly 9.3 million children worldwide die from preventable diseases every year. The Sweet William Foundation is committed to eradicating or providing a cure for those diseases. We pursue this goal by researching, innovating, and distributing vaccines, treatments, and cures; as well as by educating the public on disease prevention. We specialize in preventable diseases such as malaria, Zika, whooping cough, tetanus, SARS, HIV, tuberculosis, COVID-19 and any other malady pertaining specifically to lung, brain, hormone, and gut health. Though our primary focus is on helping children, youth, and pregnant women, we hope to benefit all humankind. Join the fight today. Save a life tomorrow! Be a champion and a smile of hope.







The researchers at the Sweet William Foundation have made over 300 compounds using digestion and derivative isolation techniques, and initial tests have shown upwards of 20% increases in anti-malarial potency. If we can achieve another 10% increase, we will have a compound potent enough to treat malaria.  Recently, the link between anti-malarials and COVID-19 treatments has caused us to begin testing our compounds against COVID-19 standards. We are rigorously pursuing new compounds with modified structures similar to known COVID-19 active compounds.

“Real superheroes live in the hearts
of small children fighting big battles.