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We believe malaria must die so millions can live.


It’s the 21st century and people are still dying from the world’s oldest and deadliest disease. Every two minutes a child dies from malaria.

But since 2000 we’ve made huge progress saving over seven million lives.

The world knows what needs to be done and we have a choice: Let malaria go on killing almost half a million people a year or we can take action to end malaria for good.


Join us and help us get world leaders to listen so they commit to ending one of the world’s biggest killers in our generation.



Organizations large and small, far and wide, are working together with a number of malaria champions, to make sure bold action will lead us to a malaria-free world.

We need your help in getting the message to leaders so they hear us loud and clear.


Show them that you want malaria to die, so millions can live:

Share and declare #MALARIAMUSTDIE

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