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Beautiful Day of Filming

Betty did a great job at BSU where we filmed the first half of the Sweet William Indiegogo campaign video. We couldn't have asked for a better day or a better performance. The lighting was perfect and the weather very amicable. Braxton, from Braxton Bruce Photography in Utah, joined the team this week as the videographer and was professional and easy to work with. He came highly recommended and did not disappoint. He was assertive, supportive, and had a way of relaxing Betty, bringing out her amazing talent. She is a rock star and we are so pleased that she represents the Sweet William Foundation. Braxton and Betty both enjoyed working together and felt the interaction was positive in all regards. Betty is excited to work with Braxton again as we move forward with more Sweet William productions. Overall it was a most excellent day. Special thanks to all the BSU students who took time to answer our questions. The BSU campus is such a cool place and the students are exceptional.

The team—Mike, Braxton, Betty, and Keith—grabbed lunch together after we finished filming. It was good food and we couldn't have asked for better company—the team dynamics are contagious. We simply love being together and making incredible things happen.

Stay tuned as we ramp up for our Indiegogo campaign, "TAG YOU'RE IT! Smile of Hope Event Roll Out.” See you there!

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