Shooing the Vultures Away

There’s a picture I saw in the 90s that still haunts me today. It’s of a small girl wearing a large white bead necklace, and she’s obviously sick. She’s huddled on the ground, trying to crawl, but she’s too weak to go far. Behind her is a vulture sitting on the ground – waiting patiently. For me, this picture embodies the suffering of children all over the world and the ominous shadow of death that’s always looming over them. I want to be at that little girl’s side. I want to shoo that vulture away. I want to help that child get better. But I’m not there and that’s been frustrating for me. This picture is the inspiration for the Sweet William Foundation’s vision. We want to be there. We want to be directly engaged, shooing the vulture away and helping the child.

We just received results from our latest compound submissions for testing, and we’re excited to announce that one is showing a 300% increase in potency. Another magnitude of ten and we’ll be playing hardball with malaria eradication. Very exciting!

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