“Tag You’re It” T- shirt with Sweet William Foundation Logo. The Sweet William Foundation (SWF) has made and tested 35 compounds to date. 7 have shown positive for anti-malarial activity. As exciting as this is, there are an additional 600 plus potential anti-malarial compounds we have identified that need to be isolated, made, and tested. Your shirt purchase will help us develop and test of one of these. Be a champion and join the fight by purchasing your exclusive SWF T-Shirt today. Tag You’re it!

"Tag You're It" QR Code T-Shirt

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  • “Tag You’re It” T- shirt with Sweet William Foundation Logo. 100% Cotton Jersey. Available in Men's rand Women's regular or sport  fit, Garment-washed. Sizes S-XXL.

  • Join the fight and become a champion for the cause with your exclusive SWF “Tag You’re it” QR coded T-Shirt. It’s stylish, 100% cotton comfortable, and pre washed for the perfect fit. Most smart phones will read a QR code so spreading the word is as easy as 1,2,Scan. Every scan of your T-Shirt directs someone new to the campaign site and gives them an opportunity to join the fight.  Kind of like playing a super massive game of Tag you’re it.

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