Michael Parish

Co-Founder, CEO, Board President
BS Biology/Botany, MBA
Research expert for glutathione and I3C with emphasis on CF, COPD, HPV, and various cancers. Established original hypothesis for Indole related malaria work and spearheaded initial research probe

Jeffrey Smith

Co-Founder, CFO, Board Member
Wes Portrait.png

Dr. W. Wesley Parish

Team Lead - Research Team
PhD Organic Chemist, 
Post Doctorate in Medicinal Chemistry
Developed and Introduced the Dietary Indoles: Ascorbigen, Indole-3-carbinol (I3C), diindolylmethane (DIM), and gramine as nutritional supplements to the commercial market.

Ashley Try

Volunteer, Acting CMO,
Business Development Board Member

Patrick Wickard

Volunteer, Acting CRO, 
President - Business Development Board

W. Alec Akin

Volunteer, Acting CSO,
Business Development Board Member

Paul Browning

Volunteer, Creative Director

Brian Fehringer

Volunteer, Social Media Expert

Emma Daniels

Volunteer, Photographer, Social Media Expert