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Tag You’re It Campaign! As easy as 1, 2, Scan

Step 1

Step 2


Step 1: Shop 

Shop Sweet William. Join the fight and become a Champion for the cause by buying your exclusive Sweet William Foundation “Tag You’re it” QR coded T-Shirt and Bracelet. 

Step 2: Wear 

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Wear your T-Shirt and Bracelet at home and abroad


By wearing your T-Shirt and Bracelet you will start a conversation. Get people to scan your shirt or bracelet. Every scan of your T-Shirt directs someone new to the campaign site and gives them an opportunity to join the fight.  Kind of like playing a super massive game of Tag you’re it.

Register: Don't forget to register for updates and watch pins hit the global map as you spread the word and get scans.  Our goal is to tag the world.  You’ve got your shirt. You're wearing it. You're a champion now. Let's play.

Tag you’re it!   

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